The Micronite Filters are 'gritty, fun, and fried like Southern cooking. Meaty guitar tactics, a battalion of bass and drums', sultry sax and keys, and soulful harmonies all serve to cast a unique, intoxicating spell.  This can be heard on the latest single, 'Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin', released December 2017.


The Micronite Filters have put their stamp on Oshawa rock and roll. They have recorded over eighty songs and put out numerous self-released CD's, a vinyl 7inch, and two full length LP's. They've played countless shows across Ontario, morphing between a power trio, a two-guitar foursome, and even sometimes a duo loco. The music is a blend of blues, roots, psychedelic and alternative - a recipe for good ol' rock'n'roll. The original duo is guitarist/vocalist and songwriting wizard Abel Renton, and drummer/percussionist Dan Reiff. They became a staple of the local Durham music community, and Ontario touring circuit. Songs like 'I Forgot My Sunglasses', charted on college radio across the province and onto airwaves east and west. While others like 'Lets Get Drunk' and 'Hellhound On My Trail' became requested anthems at live shows.


They returned in 2011 to excitedly released their first vinyl recording: 'Rise of the Machines/The Earth Still Speaks 7 inch. This saw the addition horns and keys to the mix by the masterful hand of Bruce Mackinnon. In early 2012 they released the EP 'The Wrong Side of the Tracks', featuring a sound influenced by Mississippi blues like R.L. Burnside, Fred McDowell, and The North Mississippi Allstars. That summer they drove down to Mississippi to record a full-length follow up with legendary artist/producer Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers, Tri-State Coalition). With another local Oshawa music heavyweight, Myke Pulito, joining on bass just before hitting the road, they drank in the bluesy vibe of the South, taking some Hill Country back home to Oshawa with them. 'Chasing Ghosts' was released in the fall of 2012, and it got them back on college and internet airwaves with tracks like 'Ballad of the Bankers Son', and 'Hit the Hammer On The Nail', and 'Cry Wolf Cry' became the new live hit.

Their 2nd LP ‘Wizard Blood’ was released on sexy-swirly-red vinyl in 2015, after a successfully kick-started wizard blood drive. The band wrote the album by gigging weekly at the Atria in Oshawa where new songs “organically” developed, and bassist Pulito added his voice to the mix of alternative, psychedelic blues. One weekend they each took turns sleeping with little time all together to record. The album was finished without much of the band’s recollection and thus, because of what seemed like wizardry and spells, ‘Wizard Blood’ was born. It features more collaborative songwriting and vocals, heard on tracks like 'Old Men Rolling', Wizard Finger', 'Roll On', and 'Whiskey Bottle'.

Since then they have added the hypnotic squelch of Mark Healy on sax, and the spellbinding keys and voice of Andrew Crichton. They continue to gig locally, and write and record new songs. As the musical landscape continues to change, so do the crazy MFs. Look for them closing shows near you. 


The Micronite Filters are:
Abel Renton: geetar, assorted, vocals;
Dan Reiff: drums, percussion, harmonica, vocals;
Myke Pulito: bass, vocals;
Mark Healy: Sax's
With various guests from time to time

"The gritty, tight, masterfully conceived songs, sprawling western fables straight out of the heart of darkness were recorded in a few days by the wonderful Micronite Filters.  If you like your blues heavy with rock n roll riffs, a battalion of drum and bass, and your stories of the wild outlaw variety, and who in their right mind doesn’t, do yourself a favour and give this recording a home in your saddlebags next to the extra cartridges, canteen, dynamite and the sweet-sweet picture of dear Mary you keep in a golden locket.”

– Jimbo Mathus Taylor (The Squirrel Nut Zippers, Buddy Guy, The Tri-State Coalition) on recording Chasing Ghosts



Those of you who adore the North Mississippi Allstars and despise the Black Keys will find a lot to enjoy here… …If you enjoy your blues on the modern side, and with a bit of rough housin’, then this is one for you.” –


'The Micronite Filters are not just another blues band. The music is raw, gritty, powerful, soulful and infectious. The songs are masterfully crafted'
- I Can't Believe My Earz

‘A rock’n’roll troupe of the best and basic fundamentals: gritty, fun and fried like southern cooking. Meaty guitar tactics, amazing rhythms, and everything in-between... the Micronite Filters are punk for the folk crowd who want something electrifying.’
- Myles Herod,